Since I was younger, I have always loved all things creative.  I grew up pointing an old camera I found at all things that I could. I’d spend my young teen years in the garden, photographing lillies and snap dragons that were planted earlier in the spring. 

I remember working under my sister at Twin M Design company, helping her style photo shoots and building shot lists. Despite having a fantastic time coordinating models, textures, and brand images, I always wanted to be the one behind the camera capturing the moment. When I was 19 years old, I purchased my first professional camera, and since then I’ve hit the ground running.   

Graphic Design came easy to me, as I spent countless hours on Photoshop changing the hair of my favorite character’s hair at a young age of 12. These days I’ve swapped changing cartoon character hair, to building brand guidelines and assets for clients nationwide.   

I guess when you give children access to technology, turns out they can make a career out of their passions!   Outside of the creative I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading, cuddling with my animals (ask me about them!), and, admittedly, watching trashy reality TV.